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Celebrating 15 years & over 1 million words in print

December 2000 - December 2015

Finally free of an obsessed boyfriend-turned-stalker, photographer Destiny Chandler desperately needs to get away. A restful stay in Atlanta with an old friend will definitely help her get her life back together. The last thing she expects is to meet successful singer Xavier Allgood, a powerfully sensual man who sweeps her into his glittering world . . . and off her feet.

Burned by a shattered relationship, Xavier Allgood feels he can't trust his instincts when it comes to women. But there is no way he can deny how Destiny's sensitivity and determined strength ignite his deepest passions. Now, between past pain and lingering doubts, two relationship-shy people must risk everything if they are to claim the love they are meant to share. .

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Kim Louise

Destiny's Song - The allgood Series: Book One

Zayvier Allgood's Story

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The Allgood Series


  • Destiny's Song
  • True Devotion
  • With Open Arms
  • The Glory of Love
  • 1000 Kisses: The Price of Kissing
  • A Love of Their Own​

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